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So Im from texas and I have a valid DL but I ended up losing my wallet which had my DL and SSN. Would I still be able to vote since I dont have any proof of residency?

October 31, 2016

Yes! Texas law requests you bring a photo ID to vote, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to show a driver’s license. If you are already registered to vote, you can show up to the polls with other forms of voter ID (more info on those forms of ID here). This includes forms of ID like a passport, a handgun license, a military ID, an identification card, etc. 

If you don’t have these other forms of ID listen above, you can still vote! You’ll just need to talk to one of the officials at the polling place (same goes for those of you who have yet to register). They’ll ask you to sign a sworn statement about why you don’t have a driver’s license

or other form of ID,

(something like losing your wallet is a “reasonable impediment,” as provided for by Texas law) and then they’ll ask to see an alternate proof of residency: this could be a current utility bill, a pay stub, your birth certificate, etc. 

And don’t panic – even if you have *none* of these forms of ID or somehow lose your wallet again, you can *still* vote in Texas. You can cast a “provisional ballot” in the meantime – even if you leave your ID at home when you show up to the polls. You can read more about provisional ballots here. 

Now, remember: these rules aren’t the same in every state. Read more about how to vote in your state here (the map is super helpful). 

Source: Washington Post

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