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Efforts to get out the vote seem to be workingThe first votes…

October 31, 2016

Efforts to get out the vote seem to be working

The first votes for President this year were cast in Wisconsin Rapids on
Sept. 19—before any of the three presidential debates, or any of the
news that reshaped the campaign again and again in October. In 2012,
almost a third of the electorate voted early in person, or by mail. In
all, 37 states and the District of Columbia are allowing early voting
this year. Across the country, voting lines have been long, suggesting
that even with two exceptionally unpopular candidates, voter interest is
strong. (Yahoo News)

Photos: (from top) Reed Saxon/AP, Andrew Harnik/AP, Lynne Sladky/AP, Jonathan Drake/Reuters, Charlie Neibergall/AP

images of early voting on Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo

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