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Hillary Clinton through the yearsHillary Clinton turned 69 on…

October 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton through the years

Hillary Clinton turned 69 on Wednesday, just 13 days before Election
Day and the culmination of the presidential campaign. Polls show the
Democratic nominee a strong favorite to succeed President Obama and
become the first woman to win the Oval Office in U.S. history. (Her
Republican opponent, Donald Trump, turned 70 earlier this year.)

mark Clinton’s birthday, here’s a series of photos looking back at the
life of the former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady.
(Yahoo News)

Photos: (from top) Sygma/Corbis, Danny Johnston/AP, Ron Frehm/AP, Doug Mills/AP, Ron Edmonds/AP, Jim Bourg/Reuters, Lucas Jackson/Reuters, Jim Young/Reuters, Rick Wilking/Reuters, Carlos Barria/Reuters

images of Hillary Clinton through the years on Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo

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